Throw a Surprise Kids Birthday Party in Newcastle

Throw a Surprise Kids Birthday Party in Newcastle

Throwing a surprise kids birthday party in Newcastle is a fun and exciting thing to do.

However, pulling it off successfully can prove to be a little bit tricky. Logistics include deciding on the date and time, the location the party will be held at, who to invite, how to keep it a secret and the most fun way to reveal the surprise on the day.

1. Be sure to keep it unexpected

A surprise kids birthday party always works best when it’s completely unexpected. Check with the birthday boy’s/girl’s friends and family to ensure their schedule works with the planned party date and time. Make sure that everyone invited knows it’s a surprise party and to keep it a secret. If possible, get someone to keep the guest of honour busy. That way you can set up without them finding out.

2. Invitations and guests

When deciding who to invite, it’s important to bear in mind that a smaller guest list reduces the chances of the surprise being let out beforehand. However, a larger guest list is sure to make the reveal even more dramatic. Make the start time 30 minutes before so that you can ensure everyone is in place before the surprise reveal.

3. Theme

An exciting or unique theme helps to make the surprise birthday party more memorable. Choose a theme related to the guest of honour’s favourite hobby, movie, game, sport or music.


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