Privacy Policy

Security and use of your Personal Information

Mobile Video Games like other companies in Australia are bound by the national privacy principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) which set clear standards regarding these activities.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information that we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete, up to date and stored in a secure environment protected from unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure.

In addition to the primary purpose outlined above, we might make usage of your individual information we have made a collection of, and you allow us to make use of this information.

·         To make provision to you of information and news concerning our products and services

·         To send you any market or promotion based material which we have faith that be of interest to you. This material may relate to any of Mobile Video Games businesses or a third party business which we believe may be of interest to you;

·         For the vital reason or incident to the providing of services and goods to you;

·         To make verification of you identification.

·         To the personalizing and customization of your experiences.

·         To make communication to you via electronic mail (e-mail) telephone or postal mail.

·         To conduct competitive or promotional campaigns for Mobile Video Games or our third parties.

·         To the Management and enhancement of our services and products.

·         To make investigation concerning any given complaints by you if a reason comes from us to make suspicion that you are breaching any of our policies or rather you have been engaging in  a criminal activity: and/or

·         As a requirement under permission by any given law- with the inclusion of Privacy act.


When you create an account with us your details will be added to our mailing list to receive information relating to Mobile Video Games and our products. To opt out of receiving marketing materials you will need to unsubscribe. To do this, simply select the “unsubscribe” button on the email you receive from us. Please note that if you have an account with us we may still need to send you essential information about your account.


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