Why Hire a Mobile Games Theatre in Newcastle

Why Hire a Mobile Games Theatre in Newcastle

Gone are the days when video games were limited to a couple of friends cramped up in a bedroom. Thanks to our mobile game theatre business, we have successfully created a platform where games can be enjoyed in larger groups. This makes hiring a mobile games theatre in Newcastle, the ideal choice for kids’ birthday parties. Here’s why:

Unbeatable Cool Factor

Imagine the excitement on your child’s face when a massive game theatre pulls up in front of your house for their party! Your child’s party will be the talk of the school yard for months to come.

Engaging and Entertaining

Our game theatre offers a wide variety of games that can keep everyone engaged and entertained for the entire duration of the event or party.

Opportunity for Bonding

Playing video games as a group helps in developing strong bonds amongst kids. Not only will the kids playing the video games bond, but they will also build lasting relationships that will continue long after the party has ended.

Safe and Contained

With our video game theatre, the kids are in one spot, not running amok all over the place. This means not only is it safe, but also there’s no mess or breakages in your house!

Unforgettable Experience

Our game theatre provides a completely unique experience that makes any party or event fun and memorable for everyone.


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